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Mortgage Payment Calculator

"Knowing how much of a mortgage you can afford could help you to find the home in right price range to fit your budget."


Monthly Mortgage Details

Loan Amount

Mortgage Payment (Principal & Interest)

Interest Rate %

Property Tax

Amortization (Years)

CondoFee + Heating Costs

Annual Taxes

Total Costs

Monthly Condo Fee

Annual Income Required (Approx.)

Monthly Heating Cost

Enter data without using "$" or commas (,). Use of this calculator is for general information purposes only, it may not include all the costs involved. Make sure introduce correct informaction. Please contact us for further details.

1.The calculator is for demonstration purposes only and is not part of the application process.
2.Some conditions apply.
3.We calculate your debt load based on credit available to you. It is assumed that you pay 3% of the credit limit monthly.
4.This may not be the rate we will use to qualify you. Fixed interest rates are calculated semi-annually not in advance.
5.Variable interest rates are calculated monthly, not in advance and it is assumed that the rate does not change over the term.